Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration (BRTO)

Gastric Varices (CARTO/BRTO/PARTO)

Gastric varices are dilated vessels in the stomach that can rupture and bleed. BRTO/CARTO/PARTO are minimally invasive techniques used to treat gastric variceal bleeding.

Tunneled Drainage Catheter

A tunneled drainage catheter system includes a drainage catheter that is inserted in the chest for draining pleural effusions or in the abdomen for ascites.
denver shunt los angeles

Denver Shunt

Denver Shunt is a designed silicone medical device consisting of a pump chamber with two catheters, which transfers fluid from the peritoneal space to the circulatory system. This allows the patient to maintain the critical protein and nutrients in the peritoneal fluid, and normal flow through vital organs.

Liver Cirrhosis TIPS Procedure

TIPS is a procedure that helps correct blood flow problems in the liver by connecting two blood vessels with stent, also known as a shunt.